Gunung Kidul is famous with beaches tourism attraction which is identified having white sand and rocks. But, Do you know? That Kesirat beach is different from other beaches in Gunung kidul. Kesirat beach has its own uniqueness. This beach is located in Wikoso, Girikarto, Panggang, Gunung Kidul. Next to Wohkudu beach. So, if you have planned to visit Wohkudu beach, it’s highly recommended you to take a look also at this beach to enjoy the beautiful and exotic of sunset.

The location is in Gunung Kidul which is far from downtown Yogyakarta, so we need drive for quite long time. From downtown of Yogyakarta, you drive to Piyungan until you find the Lanud TNI (air force base), then going to Playen street until you see Puslatpur TNI AD (army practice base) and find another T-junction, next you are heading to SD N 1 Jetis (elementary school of Jetis) and Girikarto. After it, you follow the road to find the Kesirat beach.

Beach With The Beautiful Sunset
This beach is not famous as other beaches in Gunung Kidul, but this beach is really unique one. The uniqueness of Kesirat beach are being a favorite place for rock fishing, having a good area for camping and a beautiful spot to view a sunset. Don’t expect that you can see the white sand with the high cliff surrounding, in order you can enjoy the very magnificent sunset with calm and fresh atmosphere because here no many visitors. The sunset view here almost perfect, and to be claimed as one of the best sunset spots in Gunung Kidul area. You can see the sunset view very clear without any distraction of woods, rocks, or building cover. The special one in this beach is a tree which is as icon of this beach, it’s very unique. In the rainy season this tree will be very thick but in the dry season, this would drop the leaves just truck and twig left. The tree is called with the tree of eternity which is making this look of sunset perfect.

The Fun Camping Area                                                                                                 In addition to one of the best place to enjoying the sunset. This beach is also good to be place to camp which is really affordable and comfortable. The wide savanna and the sea breeze are best combination to build a camp. You could also look at the night sky which is very beautiful with a thousand stars.
But the facilities in this beach are not complete as other beach in Gunung Kidul, because here no many visitors come. But you don’t need to worry because there is a toilet, food stalls who serve food and beverages to well accompanied you while see the sunset down.
Kesirat beach is a favorite for them who love fishing. It becomes an ideal spot to catch the fish because the location is faced into the ocean. According to the citizen nearby, this spot is well-known as a destination for rock fishing.

Preserving the culture
People nearby are still preserving the culture and manners. They held a traditional ceremony to looking for grace of the God, and that ceremony is called brubuh-brubuh. Brubuh-brubuh is usually held one a year. This ceremony held for grateful to God for all the blessing and for keep the balances of the nature as they believe. Local people are really well take attention to the nature. Local people really care to the balance of nature; they shouldn’t even cut trees carelessly. They can cut trees at certain times, one of its which is when the rice fields in the fields have turned yellow or before harvest time arrives.

Reasonable Entrance-ticket
Because of not many tourists know this place, the entrance ticket here quite cheap. The ticket here is only Rp 5000. And for the parking fee is Rp 2000 for motorcycle and Rp 5000 for car.


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