Bantul won’t be disappointing people by their charm. Various tourist destinations have successfully hypnotized people and made people addicted to come back again to this area. One of them is Tembelan Gorge. At first glance, the name of this place may sound terrifying right? But did you know that this gorge is one of the best spots in Bantul, which offers natural beauty that makes our eyes widened open and amazed. In this gorge, we can see a row of the fascinating Sewu Mountains and also the calmness of the Oyo River which looks stretching across the land.

Tembelan Gorge is located in Kanigoro, Mangunan, Dlingo, Bantul. To reach this place you don’t need to be confused because there are already many guides and directions. From the direction of the Jogja city, you just have to direct to the south towards Imogiri timur street, until you find the Imogiri market, you turn left to The Imogiri Royal Cemetry.

There you will find a T-junction with a signpost to the Mangunan Fruit Farm, follow the road until you reach the entrance gate of the Mangunan Fruit Farm. After arrive at parking area, you will enter the Tembelan Gorge tourist area, it is marked with a signboard “Welcome”. If you come here, it is highly recommended to use a private vehicle or rent a vehicle because access to the Tempelan Gorge by public transportation is very difficult to find.

This Tembelan Gorge, you could use as an alternative choice to enjoy the sunset. If you usually enjoy the sunset view on the beach, but wanna feel a new sensation, the Tembelan Gorge is a must for you to visit. If you are a lover of views from a high place, this place is quite fun to be a relaxing selected with your family.

One of the things that have become an icon of the Tembelan Gorge is the number of selfie photo spots available. So if you come here it is highly recommended to bring your best camera. Make sure your camera battery is full, don’t miss the beautiful moments in the Gorge just because of you forgot to charge the camera battery.

There are so many selfie spots become favourite, one of the most favourite is selfie spots in the form of a boat which made from bamboos. This boat is large enough to fit 3 to 5 people on board. From this boat selfie spot you can see a beautiful view. The best time to take selfies here is when the fog falls, so it will make the impression of the ocean above the clouds as we hear from people.

What do you think? Are you interested to visit Tembelan Gorge? Apart from its very beautiful scenery, the interesting thing about Tembelan Gorge is there is no entrance ticket here. But if you want to do some other activities, such as taking selfie photos at a certain spot, you will be charged as much as you want (the vouluntary fee). So if you want to come here, better you are preparing also the small change (coins). This place can also be your option to do some pre-wedding photo shoots. You will only be asked to pay Rp. 50,000 for one time and You and your partner could style in anystyle for your special moment. Is it interesting, right?

In Tembelan Gorge, public facilities are already available such as toilets, prayer rooms, food stalls, and spacious parking area. If you visit here using a private vehicle, you will be charged a parking fee of Rp 3000 for motorcycle, Rp 5000 for car, Rp 10,000 for minibus, and Rp 20,000 for bus.


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