Bathok Santan tourism village or known as Kampoeng Bathok Santan is the one of tourism villages located in Guwosari village, Pajangan Bantul. The village that was officialy opened 2011 becomes the biggest center of the cocounut shell craft exported product industry in Special Region of Yogyakarta.

Various kinds of bathok crafts or coconut shell crafts can be found here. By separating the coconut shell and its fibers, the craftsman make those shell into more valuable handycrafts. Some of those crafts are such as plate, bowl, glass, spoon, fork, chopstick, and beautiful house decoration like decorative lights and piggy bank or moneybox.

This bathok kelapa crafts industry has been already in this village since 1991. This industry is kind of family business. Uniquely, every business ancestor has different kind of crafts product created.

Other than coconut shell crafts, one of the things that we shouldn’t miss once we came to this place is the delighfull dish of wader goreng or fried tiny fish. This village has a high standart of wader cultivation. Other than making the wader into delicious food can be served with rice, sambal, and lalapan, the local people of this village makes also snacks of crispy wader that we can buy as souvenir of Kampoeng Bathok Santan.


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