For tourists who feel bored of the usual tourism destinations, they can try to come to surbubs area of Yogyakarta precisely in Kulon Progo. The region that’s famous by its typical culinary of Geblek has many kind of tourist destination selection that can become the visitor’s alternative vacation destination.

One of those tourism destinations is Banjarsari tourism village. This tourism village is located in Kalibawang, Samigaluh, Kulon Progo is being on the list of the best tourism village destinations. That achievement shows the hard work of the local people in developing this village.

Other than being offered by the beautiful views of the green refresing agricultural area, the visitors are also invited to get involved directly in the local society or to join in the local activities. They visitors can try ploughing activity, learn to make the typical dish of Banjarsari village and also learn about local art and culture of this village. Some arts and cultures which becomes the main attraction of this village are such as Karawitan, Angguk, and also wayang kulit performance.

The visitors who want to try to stay longer in this village; Banjarsari tourism village admisintrator offers homestay facility that has an affordable cost. Other than homestay facility, Banjarsari tourism village provides also other supported facilities like meeting room, camping, outbound and indoor area.


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