Starting from the existence of the herons in the field of the local people that has been seen like a pest, who will know that this kind of phenomenon is becoming the attraction of the popular tourism village in Sleman. This village is Ketingan Tourism village which is known as The Herons Tourism Village.

Firstly the local people of Ketingan village were worried about the existence of the heron’s migration in their village on mating season precisely in the rainy season. They felt worried that the population of these birds might destruct the paddy land area and melinjo trees that became their main economic income. Some of the local people try to expel them. But they keep staying and their population increase day by day. At the end, the local people were decided to conserve this bird population, and now this village becomes the conservation place of herons in Yogyakarta.

Birdwatching is the visitor’s favorite attraction activity, especially for those who love animals. In addition, on September, the visitors can enjoy seeing Merti Bumi event that shows many kinds of art and cultural performances like kirab, kenduri, and wayang kulit performance. Merti bumi is organized as the expression of the gratitude for God that gave already so much produces.

Ketingan Tourism village offers homestay for visitors who want to stay longer in this village while joining on the local activities like farming, gardening, learning traditional art and making the traditional food and beverages of Ketingan Village.

For those who don’t want to miss the heron’s views, you can try to come in the morning or in the afternoon when the herons are in the field in search of food and coming back to the nest. Don’t forget to wear hat or something that can cover your head so you would be safe from heron’s droppings.

Ketingan tourism village is located in Ketingan, Tirtodadi, Mlati, Sleman, Yogyakarta.


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