Gabugan tourism village or more popular as DEWIGA is the tourism village that brings the concept of rural life and offers the Javanese society life as its main attraction. Gabugan tourism village is located in Gabugan, Donokerto, Turi, Sleman Yogyakarta. It is about 17 km to the northern side from the city center of Yogyakarta.

Not only offering the tight rural atmosphere, the one which also becomes the attraction of this tourism village is agro tourism of Salak garden. Unlike other tourism village, here there are many kinds of salak cultivated like salak gading that has yellowish flesh of fruit. Here the visitors won’t be only getting around the salak garden, but they can also harvest the fruit of salak and eat it as much as they want. The visitors are also invited to get to know more about various kind of salak and its cultivation.

Other than learning about salak cultivation, the visitors are also invited to plant salak, to prepare and cultivate the land for farming, and to join on salak harvesting process. By various kind of salak provided, the visitor can choose freely the best plant to cultivate.

Not only learning about agriculture, the visitors are also invited to learn about fishery and farming. Gabugan tourism village has spacious embankments where the visitors can go fisihing and enjoy their fishes. In the farming field, the visitors will be presented to the business of quail livestock. They will learn how to raise the quails, how to sell them, and how to manage the livestock waste.

Gabugan tourism village is also participating in conserving the tranditional art and the local culture. The visitors will be invited to learn and to practice some traditional art and cultures like Jathilan, karawitan, traditional games, making craft from young coconut leaf, and making batik.

Not only having an educative activity, the visitors are also invited to go around the village and field area, and also to do river tracing. By having a great nature, rural refreshing air, and the nice view of Merapi, going around the village area would become fun activity.

During the vacation in this village, the visitors will be also pleased by various kind of traditional food like mangut lele, sego megono, tiwul slondok, and various kind of snacks made of salak. The visitors can aslo join in making those typical food while getting involved with the local society.


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