Enjoying the beauty of Parangtritis can’t be done only by stepping in the sand or by playing in sea water, but you can also visiting Paralayang Hill Parangtritis. You will feel different sensation by enjoying the beauty of Parangtritis beach from this spot.

This place is called “Paralayang hill” because it is area of paragliding activity. The area which is located in the hill that faces directly the spacious ocean is such a great area to do paragliding.

Even though becoming the location of paragliding sport, there are many people that come also to this place to enjoy only the beautiful views afforded. With the height of 900 meters above sea level the visitors can enjoy the beauty of Parangtritis shoreline as a meeting point between the beach and the south ocean. The afternoon is the best time to come to this place. The beautiful sunset on the west inclination of the magnetic field lines in sunspot will be unforgettable moment to be enjoyed.

Formerly Paralayang hill was only an ordinary hill. Then, in 1991 there was built the first concrete track to support paragliding sport. The other facilities like pendopo, joglo, stairs, and parking area were continuously built in 1998.

The paragliders usually practice on December and February when the weather is clear and the wind blows quite strong. But the uncertain weather condition makes hard the paragliders to decide their practice schedule.

Paralayang hill Parangtritis is very easy to reach. From the city center of Yogyakarta, the visitors need only to take Parangtritis street and pass Parangtritis beach area. From this place, the need to go straight to Wonosari direction. Once they arrived in T-junction of Girisubi, they have to turn right to reach Paralayang hill. The visitors will pass a quite uphill and steep area so they are suggested to use the right vehicle to pass this track. After about 1 km, they will find pendopo Joglo and Paralayang hill parking area. From this place, the have to go downstairs about 100 meters. There is no entrance fee. The visitors need only to pay parking retribution of Rp.3000. And for those who are interested to try this extreme sport of paragliding, they have to pay Rp. 300.000 each person.


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