Recently the invention of tourism village in Yogyakarta grows fast. The facilities and potencies provided by the tourism village are established and promoted also to captivate the tourist interest. But, when we talk about the tourism village, we shouldn’t miss Tembi tourism village which is believed as the one of the pioneer village in developing tourism village in Yogyakarta.

Tembi tourism village has been inaugurated in 2007. At that time, this tourism village offered the natural rural life package tour and crafting activity which become the main tourist attraction in Bantul area. Thus far, Tembi tourism village still become the tourist’s favorite destination especially the ones who want to try the rural life.

Several interesting activity can be done here. The visitors can try to plant and cultivate the rice, learn to make batik directly accompanied by the professional batik maker.
Tembi tourism village provides also traditional culinary package. In addition the visitors can go around also GMT area (Gabusan – Manding –Tembi) by becak, andong, or mini train. This village has also agriculture package where you can try to wash the buffalo and outbound package.

The natural village area becomes the main attraction of Tembi tourism village. The refreshing air of the village, the greenish rice field area, and the strong local hospitality could become a new interesting experience for the visitors who are tired with the city life business.

Tembi tourism village has also Rumah Budaya Tembi Museum or Tembi House of Culture, a museum that keeps Javanese culture collection. Rumah Budaya Tembi Museum has various kind of collections like Javanese traditional cooking equipment (tungku, dandang), Javanese weapon (keris, tombak), agricultural equipment (bajak) and art instrument and fabric (gamelan, batik). There are also the heritage collection of the ancient photo, poster, bicycle, and motor bike. Rumah Budaya Tembi Museum even provides a library that keeps about 5000 collection of Javanese ancient script. This Museum is opened on Monday – Friday at 09.00 – 16.00.

The location of Tembi tourism village is near from the city center of Yogyakarta. The visitors can take the direction to Parangtritis. After passing the gate of Institut Seni Indonesia they will find a portal in the right side namely Desa Wisata Tembi. Here their new experience would begin.


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