Banjaroya tourism village or usually called as Dewa Bara is one of tourism villages located in Menoreh hill area. This village is situated in Banjaroya, Kalibawang, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta. Menoreh hill, the location area of this tourism village is really popular for its nature tourism. Some tourist destinations can be found in this area are such as Sermo reservoir, Kalibiru, and Suroloyo peak

The existence of Banjaroya village could give more value for the tourism area in Menoreh hill. Banjaroya village accommodate the visitors who want to stay longer to enjoy the beauty of Menoreh while trying to live and to get involved in local activities.

Various activities can be done are like joining the local daily activities, farming, attending the traditional ceremony, enjoying the local art ;culture; and culinary, trekking, hiking, getting around the village, and visiting the tourism destination around the village which are such as Banjaroya reservoir, Ancol Dam, Maria Sendangsono cave, and Kyai Krapyak cemetery. If the visitors are lucky they can also come to Durian festival of Menoreh.

In Kalibawang, especially Banjaroya village is well known as the center of Durian. Durian Banjaroya or more popular as Durian Menoreh has strong scent and thick flesh of fruit, and also delicious taste. There are some super varieties of Durian can be found here. Some of them are even recognized as the best national Durian variety. They are such as Durian Menoreh Jambon and Durian Menoreh Kuning. The visitors can come to this village in harvest season of Durian Menoreh. It is in September or February. Several fun activities are also done to enliven the festival. Those are such as games, durian contest and, durian sale.
Here the visitors can also do gardening and cultivating various plantations because mostly the local people of this village are farmer. They can learn directly to make gula aren, chocolate, coffee and also jamu or traditional herbs.

Banjaroya tourism village is located in the tourism area of Yogyakarta and Borobudur. It is about 24 km away from Yogyakarta. The location of this tourism destination can be reached by motorbike, car or even bus buy taking the route of Godean – Dekso – Kalibawang and Banjaroya. If you come by public transportation you have to transfer for another one in Dekso then you will continue the trip to Borobudur route direction.


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