If you are spending your weekend in Gunung Kidul area, you should better to come to this one of popular coffee shop. The name of this coffee shop is Kopi Panggang because it is located in Panggang Gunung Kidul. If you are usually hanging out in coffee shop that has an air conditioned, you will feel the different sensation in this coffee shop.

This coffee shop has ancient Javanese building architecture called Joglo. The location of this coffee shop is in the center of teak wood forest. Did you ever come to coffee shops in the middle of teak forest? This kind of coffee shop is only in Kopi Panggang. Although it has ancient Javanese concept, the coffee product of this shop is as good as the coffee shop product of the city.

For you who are curious about this coffee shop, it is located in Siluk-Panggang street, Sumber, Girisuko, Panggang, Gunung Kidul. From the city center of Yogyakarta you can take the road to the south and take Imogiri Timur street. You just need to follow this route until you find the junction to Imogiri cemetery and Mangunan fruit park.

You have to turn right then turn left to get to Siluk. You will see the sign board direction that will lead you to Panggang Gunung Kidul. You must keep careful once you arrived already in the hilly road especially if you come in rainy season. But be calm, the road is paved already. If you passed already the area of teak wood, you must keep your attention to the left side because Kopi Panggang is there.

The Elegant Rural Concept
Once you were there, you would be amazed with the building architecture concept of this coffee shop because it looks like as resort complex. Not only having joglo as its main building but there are also some supporting facilities like a place to play karawitan, horse and deer pinfold, free wi-fi access, masjid, and public toilet. Are they complete enough, aren’t they? The rooms in main Joglo are open air rooms so you will feel the nice breeze of the afternoon. If you come with your school mate or your colleagues in a big group you don’t need to worry about the space because there are spaces that can accommodate up to 200 visitors.

Various Menu
Once you come in Warung Kopi Panggang, the waiters will lead you directly to the free space and give you menu. Not only offering its coffee, this coffee shop offers also various menus. They are called as daharan ndeso which mean village dishes which are like sayur lodeh, oseng tempe, omelet, fried tempe, and village chicken dish. This coffee shop offers buffet menu. Not only having white rice, this coffee shop offers also red rice or nasi tiwul. If you are here you are suggested to try its nasi tiwul. In addition the beverage menu that’s become the main drink of this coffee shop is absolutely its coffee. There are also milk coffee, wedang uwuh, and lemon grass tea. One which becomes the best seller drink of this coffee shop is Panggang brewed coffee.

Affordable Price
This coffee shop is opened daily starting from 10.00 to 21.00. How about the menu price? Don’t worry, even on your end of the month too you can still hang out here because the menu price if affordable. By paying only Rp,8000 you get already a cup of tasty Panggang coffee. Although it brings the rural concept, the service of this coffee shop is very sophisticated. Here we use various payments. We can pay by cash, credit card or even e-money.


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