If we observe carefully, we will see that recently culinary lovers prefer something more traditional and homey, for example the trend of kembulan style that now can be found in many restaurant of Yogyakarta. In other hand, the consumer want to taste the traditional food. This is the one of the reason why many culinary entrepreneurs also want to try to offer the traditional and homey menu dishes. One of the culinary businesses that offers traditional menu is Warung Kopi Klotok.

Although it’s called Kopi Klotok, the coffee shop that has rural atmosphere concept doesn’t offer only coffee menu. Kopi Klotok is a place where the consumer can taste the homey food while enjoying the rural atmosphere of this place.

Some menu offered are such as lodeh terong, lodeh kluwih, lodeh tempe Lombok ijo, sayur asem and other dishes usually cooked at home. There are also homey side dishes like tempe garit, omelet, pindang goreng, and sambel dadak.

This coffee shop offers also various snacks. The best seller item of the snacks where the consumer must wait longer to get it is banana fried. We didn’t know so well about the ingredients of that banana fried, but we can make sure that it’s so flavorful and really appetizing.

While having that banana fried, the consumer can choose also some kind of traditional drinks like kopi klotok, brewed tea, and wedang jahe. While having the warm drink and the banana fried, we will enjoy also the strong rural atmosphere and the melody of keroncong.

It will bring us feeling home.
Warung Kopi Klotok is located in Kaliurang street KM 16, Pakem, Sleman. From the south, we just need to go straight to Kaliurang street for about 16 Km until we find the sign board direction to SMPN 3 Pakem. Right beside that sign board direction there is a route in the right side that will lead us to the residential area. Then we have to follow the street to the end of the path and you will discover the location of Warung Kopi Klotok


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