For you who are bored with ordinary restaurant you are suggested to try to visit The Manglung Resto located in Ngoro-oro street 16, Gunung Kidul Regency. It is quite far from the city center of Yogyakarta but you will feel extraordinary dinning sensation.

You will be pleased by the traditional food or modern food while having the beautiful open air view that might be hard to find in other restaurant. The location of this restaurant is easy to reach; you will only take about 1 hour from the city center of Jogja. This restaurant is opened daily. It starts from 11.00 up to 22.00 on weekdays. And on weekend and holyday it will open earlier.

The name of Manglung derived from Javanese language that means forward. Just like its name, this restaurant was built by putting forward the beauty of the nature scenery surrounding. This restaurant building protrudes the hilly area so that the visitors can enjoy seeing the view surrounding. This restaurant brings modern and traditional concept. There, you can find a big joglo and modern interior like its elegant tables, chairs, and lamps.

You should better to come here in the afternoon or in the evening because those are such the good time to enjoy the beauty around the restaurant from the top of the hill where you can see the sparkling star. If you come here with your family or your special one, you might feel the calming sensation. There will be live music show every evening, so it could give you romantic atmosphere.

If you are such selfie photo lovers, The Manglung restaurant is a nice place to visit. Here there are seflie photo spots that have cute shape like crescent moon spot that could be a nice spot to have a photo group, and also Becak photo spot. Those photo spot costs Rp.20.000. The photo would you take here will surely make your instagram feed becoming more captivating.

The menus offered by The Manglung Resto are so various because it’s concept of modern-traditional. There are brongkos, trancam, ayam bacem, tongseng kambing, fried rice, fried noodle, sausage roll, spicy rib with rice, etc. Other than those heavy meals, you can also order some snack like cheese cassava, tahu bejeg, bakwan jagung, and banana cheese. There are also western snacks like French fries, Choco cheese, and tropical salad.

By this extraordinary sensation you might ask about the price. The price of the menu in The Manglu Resto is affordable. It starts from Rp. 25.000 for its food and Rp.7000 for its beverages menu. The beverages menus that you can order are such as wedang uwuh, ginger milk, wedang sekoteng, sprite punch, orange juice, and Vietnam Drip. Those menus offered surely won’t make your pocket empty. In addition this restaurant offers also family menu package and romantic menu package, so you can make special beautiful and sweet moment with your family and the persons you love.


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