In these few years, the tourism industry in Special Province of Yogyakarta get an outstanding mark because of the emergence of various new tourist spots that have branch out tourist destinations in the Yogyakarta area. Starting from the trend of social media which gave to new ideas to attract tourists, people in Yogyakarta are also competing to explore tourism potential in their own regions.

One of the tourist areas that are experiencing fast develop is the Mangunan area. Previously the Mangunan area was only limited to an orchard which did have a good view, then the management began to develop the Mangunan area by adding several tourist spots. Especially it’s located in the hilly topography which at that time became the magnet of tourists.

Seeing the excellent response of tourists, the management is increasingly developing tourism potentials around Mangunan, which eventually pioneered Kaki Langit Tourism Village in 2015.

In addition to tourist areas such as Mangunan Pine Forest, Watu Lawang, and Slembrang, the Kaki Langit tourism village also develops other potentials such as traditions, cultural arts, crafts, natural tourism, outbound and typical souvenirs from Kaki Langit Tourism Village. Even recently, the manager built several homestays in the form of limasan houses for accommodation for tourists who want to spend the night in the Kaki Langit tourism village

The profession of the Kaki Langit Tourism village community as wood craftsmen is also a tourist attraction of Kaki Langit. Various furniture and souvenirs such as figures, tables and chairs, lampshades can be typical souvenirs of Kaki Langit village.

In 2017, the tourism village of Kaki Langit became one of the nominations for the Most Popular Traditional Village in Anugerah Pesona Indonesia Award 2017 and became a finalist of the National Level for Tourism Village Competition organized by the Ministry of Tourism in 2017.


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