Not many people know that Gunung Api Purba and Nglanggeran reservoir tourist area also has a tourism village that is interesting to visit, Nglanggeran Tourism Village. Besides being able to enjoy the beauty of Gunung Api Purba and Nglanggeran reservoir, tourists can also enjoy what it feels like to live mingled with local people.

Nglanggeran Tourism Village is located in Patuk District, Gunungkidul, it is approximately 25km from Yogyakarta City. To go to Nglanggeran Tourism Village, tourists can use private or public transportation.

Apart from enjoying the beauty of the two main tourist objects in Nglanggeran village, there are many activities that tourists can do. One of the main programs here is live in, where tourists are invited to interact directly with the local people while learning many things in the village. Some of them learned to make batik masks, plant rice in the fields, participate in festive activities, make coconut crafts, learn traditional arts such as Reog and Jathilan, and to learn for cooking local food.

The accommodation in Nglanggeran village is very complete. The management provide lodging and homestays to spend the night here. Other interesting activities from this village are the additional facilities such as Outbound, Flying Fox, Camping Area, Rock Climbing and Trekking activities.

Nglanggeran Tourism Village
Secretariat: Kalisong, Nglanggeran Village, Patuk District, Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region. Pos code 55862
Phone: +62 818 0260 6050


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