A side from the uniqueness of nature on the southern beach of Gunungkidul, beach tourism in Gunungkidul are visited for activities that can be done on that beach. Such as snorkeling in Sadranan Beach, surfing at Wediombo Beach, and the camping activity in beach which become hits recently.

From some beaches that commonly used as a camping site, one of the most recommended places and become favorite place for camping is Jungwok Beach.

As specifically intended for camping, the Jungwok Beach is different from Indrayanti Beach that has full-facilities. This beach is still really quiet, with not so many facilities available. There is only a stretch of white sand, waves and vast seas, and green hills around the beach. It really feels like on a private beach.

The location of the Jungwok beach Gunungkidul is to the east of the Wediombo Beach area for about one kilometer so we can take the route to the Wediombo Beach. From Yogyakarta City, the Jungwok Beach is about 80 kilometers that need 2,5 hours trip. The closest route to that beach from Yogyakarta by following the connecting road between Yogyakarta – Piyungan – Patuk – Wonosari – Semanu – Jepitu – Jungwok Beach (Wediombo Beach).

From the parking area, continue to Jungwok Beach by walking through the path and the lush sea pandanus trees. Arriving at the beach, we will be greeted by a stretch of white sand and a coral island like Drini Beach. But the difference is the coral beach here is too jutting into the sea so it can’t be visited by tourists.

The waves here are not too big because they are blocked by the coral beach around the beach. At low tide, we can see a very wide expanse of coral. On the beach side, there are coral cliffs where local fishermen look for lobsters which will be collected to collectors who are then sold to food stalls on Baron Beach and Drini Beach.


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