Nowadays, people like to explore one to another interesting place to get new sensation and experiences. Start from the difficult and risky experiences are carried out with full awareness of all the consequences. For those of you who like the challenges, the tourist attraction of the Merapi Lava Tour is perfect for challenging your adrenalin to enjoy the ups and downs of the rock road and the winding paths with large rocks on the side of the road.

Adventure Lava Tour Merapi Tour
By using a double axel jeep which is intended for this type of tour, and the experienced drivers make your trip even more fun with reliable security. The beginning of the trip was started with a high enough incline so that we could feel the adrenaline of this type of tour. Paved roads that were damaged by the 2010 eruption of Merapi are the sign for passing steep roads with full of large rocks.

In addition to enjoying the inclines and winding roads in the Merapi lava tour area, we can see also the remains of the ruins of houses affected by hot clouds or we usually call “Wedhus gembel”, besides that we can see the tremendous effect of the eruption of Merapi which destroyed the sturdy dam that had been holding back lava flow cold when under normal conditions. On this trip, we can see the activities that are mushrooming upstream of the Gendol and Opak rivers.

After passing the upper reaches of the two rivers, we can see a rocky area where there is a large rock that resembles a human face, known as alien rock. The naming of aliens is to make it easier for tourists to see the stone, said Margono, a local people of Kali Gendol.

The choice of the name of the alien on the stone greatly influences the level of tourist visits in our village because they are curious about the stone, many of the guests return to bring their friends to see this natural phenomenon.

After enjoying the climbs, curves and rocky roads, we can stop at a ruined house that was turned into a museum by the owner, displaying the remains of his belongings that were destroy away by wedhus gembel. In this hot cloud ruin place we can see the remnants of a livestock, motorbikes, computer monitors to music equipment.


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