The History Of Batik Museum Yogyakarta
Batik Museum of Yogyakarta was built by the initiation of marriage couple’s Hadi Nugroho and Dewi Sukaningsing in order to conserve batik collection and batik making process supporting equipment’s. The amount of its collection is about 1200 which are such as batik fabric, batik tools and equipment like pan, anglo, canting, and other supporting equipments.

The main collection of this Batik Museum is the various kind of batik fabric of the era of 18th century up to the era of the beginning of 19th century. The other batik collections can be found here are Batik of Van Zuylen and Oey Soe, and also batik made in 1700s. Batik of Van Zuylen shows the European style by presenting the new color aside from red and classic blue in batik and also by applying perfect color gradation with the simple line and nice geometrical motif that could bring the new interesting form of batik ornament and composition up.

The other part of Batik Museum Yogyakarta is Sulaman Museum Indonesia which is established by Dewi Sukaningsih in 1980. The knitting collection of 400 cm x 90 cm could get achievement of the Indonesian World Records Museum (MURI) in 2000 as the longest knitting. This creation took also Batik Museum Yogyakarta becoming the first knitting initiation museum in Indonesia.

Batik Museum Yogyakarta offers also batik workshop for the visitors who want to learn to make batik where they can also bring home batik they made. In 2015 Batik Museum Yogyakarta created “Batik Starter Kit” to invite the millennial to start to make batik in an easy way.

Address : Jl. Dr. Sutomo 13A, Bausasran, Yogyakarta
Phone : 0274-562338
Whatsapp : 08994108139
Operational hours : Monday – Saturday at 09.00 – 15.000
Sunday and other holidays is by reservation.
Website :
Instagram : @museumbatikyogyakartaofficial
Museum ticket : IDR 30.000 / pax
Workshop ticket : starting at IDR 55.000/pax

Facilities :
1. Waiting room (AC and non AC)
2. Free Wi-fi
3. Mushola
4. Spacious parking area
5. Toilet
6. Souvenir Shop
7. Honesty Canteen


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