Tritis tea garden is the one of private tea gardens located in Menoreh area, Kulon Progo Yogyakarta. Even though this tea garden is not as large as the tea garden in Nglinggo village, this tea garden that surrounds the house of Purwanto (the owner of this tea garden) is ordely nice.

Other than being able to enjoy the fresh air of a hilly area, you can also enjoy walking along a plantation road of the rows of the tea bushes freely. Once you arrived on the top of this garden, you will see clearly Menoreh hill that has unique landscape of rocks formation.

To walk through the tea garden, there are row paths in the orderly overlay terracing area. In addition, if the weather is nice, you can see the other hill landscaping rows and also the view of Menoreh hill on the top of this tea garden. For those who like selfie picture taking, the owner of this tea garden created already selfie photo spot of a wooden small stage that face directly the green overlay tea plantation.


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