Dewantara Kirti Griya Museum is the museum of the Indonesian education pioneers namely Ki Hadjar Dewantara. This museum was built by his order and was inaugurated on May 2nd 1970. This museum informs us about the biography of Ki Hadjar Dewantara by the collection of his and his family old relics that are showed in the gallery of this museum.

Formerly the location of this museum was the residence of Ki Hajdjar Dewantara that has been owned by Yayasan Perguruan Taman Siswa which was established on July 3rd 1992. This museum is located in the complex of Majelis Luhur Taman Siswa, in Taman Siswa street 22 Yogyakarta. This museum building was built in 1915 on the ground of 2.720 m2 with its construction of 300 m2.

In this museum there are some relics where we can see deeply the figure of Ki Hadjar Dewantara. The whole collection of this museum is about 3000 pieces which are like household goods, some scripts, photos, newspapers, books, magazines, letters, and the youngest collection of a poem of Koh Hwat, a chinese descent in 2003
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