The beginning of the establishing of Gumuk Pasir Museum was initiated by corporation agreement between National Coordinator for Survey and Mapping Agency (Bakosurtanal) and Faculty of Georaphy of Gajah Mada University in 2001 in order to conserve the existence of Gumuk Pasir Barachan in Parangtritis. Starting with the name of LGPP, the existence of this LGPP is used to develop the science and technology in data processing and information and also the human resource according to the corporation agreement revision in 2007.

In 2015, the name of Geospatial Laboratory of Parangtritis Beach or LGPP turned into Parangtritis Geormaritime Science Park (PGSP). That corporation agreement revised one more time in 2016 by enforcing the existence of Gumuk Pasir Museum. One of the missions of PGSP is making collaborative research and doing research result commercialization in order to improve the fuction of Gumuk Pasir Museum as the media of education. Bringing the corporation agreement from the provincial government of Special Region of Yogyakata, Geospatial Information agency, Gajah Mada University and the regional government of Bantul, Gumuk Pasir Museum is now becoming the part of Parangtritis Geomaritime Science Park in managing and developing research results, geospatial and maritime science.

Located in the area of Kagungan Dalem Gumuk Pasir, it’s really renforced the existence of Gumuk Pasir Museum in giving its main education about Gumuk Pasir.


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