The Setawing Jonggrangan waterfall is often referred to by local residents as grojogan/ Ngisor Tawing waterfall, because the grojogan (waterfall) is under a tawing (cliff) which is called Curug Setawing. This waterfall is located approximately 500 m from Jonggrangan Market, the access road to this waterfall is in the form of a cement footpath. The location of the waterfall from the motorbike parking lot is approximately 100 m. In fact, the motorbike can reach to the bottom of the waterfall, but for safety and comfort it is better to leave it in the parking area provided.

The origin of Setawing Waterfall
Along the way to the location we can enjoy the green of the trees around and the rice field area which is not too wide. This waterfall comes from various springs above, the shape of this waterfall resembles a ladder (steps) from above which has three steps so that the effect of the falling water does not immediately fall down, but from the first step it hits the second one and then downwards, so that the water splash effect spreads out and the wind can be felt. But the problem with this waterfall is that the water flow is not always heavy.

When will a lot of water discharge occur? The answer is when the rainy season arrives. So, you can call this waterfall is a seasonal waterfall. When the dry season, the water is not too much because the spring above it has been used up for people’s daily needs. In the future, it is possible to do water arrangement from above so that the water flow can be continuously available. This waterfall was officially opened for tourist visitations starting from the end of 2014.


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