The curved lines follow the structure and shape of the stone to create a perfect harmony in the boulders. Like a musical symphony, the groove or line created a pattern as if it were formed by human hands with work, intention, creation and taste. That was the first impression when I first came to Curug Luweng Sampang. Two large stones flank the small channel of the curug that never stopped sounding of the gurgling water with the beautiful view of the curug.

Curug Luweng Sampang has a height of approximately 5 meters, with a width of approximately 1.5 meters. Both sides are large rocks that resemble small hills. The uniqueness of the Curung Luweng Sampang rock pattern is similar to the Antelope Canyon, United States, which distinguishes it from the color of the rocks.

Location of Curug Luweng Sampang
Administratively, Curug Luweng Sampang is located in Karangasem Hamlet, Sampang, Gedangsari, Gunungkidul, DIY. The route to this place is easier to reach via Jogja-Solo street due to the flat road and minimal winding inclines. In general, people who have visited this curug choose the route from Jogja through the Jogja-Solo road to the direction of the Ganti Warno sub-district. Follow the direction of the road to the southeast and you will arrive at this Sampang village. If you feel confused, don’t hesitate to ask the local people who are there.

Arriving at Luweng Sampang, we are presented with an interesting view, especially the motif of the rock, maybe because the stone has been exposed to water for a long time so it erodes following the flow of the water. Two waterfalls will greet us with the sound of their voices and open our eyes to the beauty of the rocks that continue to faithfully carry out their role as the flow of the river.

Behind the Luweng Sampang waterfall there is a small tunnel which is said to be the place for Sunan Kalijogo hermitage. I got this story from Mbah Legiman, one of the local residents who was given the responsibility to look after the Curug Luweng Sampang. According to Mbah Legiman ,a 75-year-old man, Luweng Sampang still safe even though it is hit by the flood, because it is located higher than the river flow. For Mbah Legiman, the existence of this waterfall is a gift from God that he has to keep and keep it clean.


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