Gunungkidul is an area with a lot of natural beauty. Many beaches that stretch from west to east makes Gunungkidul as tourist destination that should be considered to be visited. Moreover, one day is not enough if you want to visit all the beaches in this region.

One of the interesting beaches to visit is Gesing Beach. This beach with natural beauty which is no less beautiful than other beaches in Gunungkidul is located in Panjolomulyo Hamlet, Girikarto Village, Panggang District, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta.

The entrance ticket to the Gesing Beach area is affordable. You need to pay only for Rp 5000/person, and pay the parking fee for 2-wheeled or 4-wheeled vehicles.

This beach is located in a bay that is flanked by two high hills and has white sand and small waves making it perfect for a vacation with family. This beach is also good choice for those who like fishing because there are several fun spots for fishing. In addition, there are also boats that dock on this beach, both local fishing boats and from other regions.

On the Gesing beach there is also a fish auction from fishermen. Due to the fish products from these fishermen, Gesing Beach has many food stalls lined up selling processed fish. So if you feel hungry after playing on the beach, you can enjoy fresh grilled fish from sellers in this area.

For those of you who like photography, this beach is perfect choice for hunting the cool photo spots by capturing the beauty of the beach both from the cliffs and from the beach view. Besides that, it can also capture fishermen activities on the beach.

After enjoying the waves and the natural beauty of the beautiful and exotic beaches on this Gesing Beach. You can continue your trip to the beaches around Gesing Beach, like enjoying the sunset at Kesirat Beach or just taking a walk to enjoy the beauty of Buron Beach and Wohkudu Beach.


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