Pinus Sari is located in the Mangunan area, Dlingo. This place is one of the core tours in the region. The fresh and natural atmosphere immediately welcomes the tourists who come to visit. The refreshing aroma of pine trees and the fresh breeze make this place a perfect place to refresh after a busy day.

Before becoming a tourist destination, the Mangunan pine forest area was a barren area which was later reforested. The forest area of 570 hectares is not only planted with pine trees, there are other types of trees such as acacia, candlenut, mahogany, and eucalyptus.
Apart from providing several selfie spots, iconic art stages, and places to relax, the management also provides some public facilities. There are prayer rooms, toilets, meeting halls, gazebos, and several places to eat.

To reach the Mangunan Pine Forest which is located about 12 km from the center of Yogyakarta City is quite easy. From Giwangan bus station, you just can take the direction towards Imogiri Timur street. Follow the road until you meet directions to Imogiri – Dlingo street. Follow the road until you find a road sign to the Pinus Sari Mangunan area.


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