Bantul Regency is very famous with the beauty of its tourism. Its green nature and cool atmosphere that make Lintang Sewu Hill is a new tourist destination and attract the tourist’s visitations here. This tourism place is located in Muntuk Village, Dlingo District, Bantul Regency. Lintang Sewu Hill is one of the new destinations for the millennial era.

Lintang Sewu which means Thousand Stars is a tourism place surrounded by an expanse of Eucalyptus Forest. The entrance ticket is Rp. 2,500 and parking fee of Rp. 2,000 for motorbikes and Rp. 3,000 for cars. What do you think? Is it cheap enough right? For you to be able to enjoy the beauty in Bantul.

Not only that, photo spots are now becoming new trend, there is an inverted house that you can climb. And the favorite spot is the viewing post. There are several viewing post in this place. This tower has a bridge and gate as a sweetener. You can take pictures or just sit looking at Bantul from a height. But don’t forget you have to be careful, ok?


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