There are a lot of social media accounts in Jogja recently from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook which is bringing up photos of new tourist destinations in Jogja. One of those is the Mangunan Pine Forest. The pine forest sceneries that are commonly found abroad are the main attraction of this place and become a favorite place for visitors both for a soothing vacation or just capturing it in camera shots. And because of the beauty of this place, many people are curious about where the location of this pine forest is.

Mangunan Pine Forest, which is the name of the pine forest area that located in the RPH (Forest Management Resort) area, it is in Mangunan. The pine forest is overgrown by Merkusii pines. It is located in the direction of the Imogiri Royal Cemetery and it often makes people mistakenly call it Imogiri Pine Forest, because administratively the forest is not located in the Imogiri area.

Before becoming a tourist destination, the forest was a barren area which was later reforested. The forest area of 500 hectares is not only planted with pine trees, there are other types of trees such as acacia, candlenut, mahogany, and eucalyptus. The beautiful forest atmosphere is what attracts tourists who want to relax from the stress of everyday life and want to find a new atmosphere from tourism in Jogja. Not only the pine forest area is tourist attraction, there is also a Bengkung spring which is believed to be the place for Sultan Agung Hanyakrakusuma to meditate, which attracts pilgrims.

A pine forest atmosphere similar to a pine forest in the Twilight series is a favorite location for photography enthusiasts and selfie lovers. And many couples who are getting married take pre-wedding photos in this pine forest location. Apart from the very instagrammable scenery, now Mangunan Pine Forest is also equipped with an art stage. Namely a stage with a long bench in front of it.

To get to the Mangunan Pine Forest is quite easy. From Yogyakarta city, you can take the direction to the Mangunan fruit garden. If you are from Giwangan, take the direction towards Imogiri east street. Follow the road until you meet the directions to the Mangunan Fruit Farm. Before arriving at the Mangunan Fruit Farm, there is a T-junction to Dlingo and Pathuk. You take the direction of Pathuk, the Mangunan pine forest is on the right side of the road.


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