Jogja has a new educational tourism. That is the Water Museum of “Water for Life”, this is the first water museum in Indonesia, which provides a space for science learning center and to get the information about water, where visitors will be learn in a fun way.

This educational tour which just opened on October 13rd, 2018 was built in the water park area of the Jogja Bay Pirates Adventure Waterpark, which contains 13 rooms or a knowledge scene about water.

In this museum, there are 13 rooms that provide knowledge about water.
In the first room, visitors will be invited to watch a theatrical film in “Earth Theater” which contains the construction of the Selokan Mataram and Yogyakarta city with duration of 10 minutes.

From this room, visitors will be taken along the cool and shady Tropical Rain Forest. Visitors will be invited to get to know the forest ecosystem with waterfalls and rivers with flowing water.

In the laboratory, visitors will be invited to interact directly through experiments on the elements, properties, chemistry, and physics of water.

A three-dimensional selfie photo spot of the Shipwreck, in this place visitor can take pictures as if they are on a shipwreck.

Because this museum is located in the waterpark area, visitors can swim or play at the same time.



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