Breezy wind, flow of the river water, boisterous bamboo trees in the wind, maybe for some people this kind of atmosphere is difficult to find with the many massive developments recently that have displaced green open spaces, because of that not a few tourists choose to vacation in rural areas that are still beautiful .

The location is not too far from Yogyakarta city, there is a place with a typical rural atmosphere that can be visited, namely Pasar Kebon Empring. This tourism place has the same concept as the Wonokromo Glugut Park which is located in Bintaran Wetan Village, Piyungan, Bantul.

The management of Pasar Kebon Empring utilizes an empty land that is overgrown with bamboo trees. In addition, this bamboo garden is also close to a river with clear water complete with a suspension bridge, so tourists who come here can also refresh themselves playing water in the river where the water is still clean.

In addition to the concept of natural tourism, Kebon Empring Market also carries the concept of traditional culinary tourism. Some of the culinary include sego wader, pecel, lotek, dawet, noodles, to modern snacks such as meatballs and grilled sausages.

Even though it is in a rural location, the public facilities are already available such as gazebos for taking rest, prayer rooms and toilets. Several photo and selfie spots such as suspension bridges and bamboo houses are also available. Other supporting facilities are various traditional games that children can play as they want, such as eggrang, bakiak, and many others.

Kebon Empring is open every day from 06.00 – 18.00 p.m. There is no entrance fee here, visitors who come only charged Rp 2,000 rupiah for parking fees.


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