Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta, has a new tourism destination that can give us a unique atmosphere where we feel like being in the nice hidden village. This new tourism destination is called Taman Jati Larangan which is located in Iroyudan, Guwosari, Pajangan.
When you are there, you will enter the gate with 2 statues which is decorated by many roots that could make it unique. The uniqueness of that gate can also become the first photo spot since you stepped on this Jati Larangan Garden.

The visitors will take the path with bushes and shady trees on each side that could give them refreshing air. The visitors will see also a garden with white stones path that is not so far away from the bushes path. They can get there to take a picture in the middle of the garden. Entering this tourism object, they will find a garden that has various kinds of flowers and bushes, also small trees that create some small garden.

Along the path of the garden, the administrator of this tourism destination object has installed already the unique chairs that can be used for 2 up to 3 persons. While having rest before continuing to look around the other spots of this tourism objcect, the visitors can take selfie because this beautiful place would be such a nice background shouldn’t be to take a picture. Afterward, they can explore the uphill track in the middle of the forest. To protect you from the mosqitos, you should prepare repellent lotion.

Instagramable Angkringan
Other than offering an attracting tourism destination oject, Jati Larangan Garden has also instragramable angkringan. This angkringan has Javanese traditional house architecture where all the building construction is from wood. This semi outdoor building is full of big porcelain jug. To reach this angkringan you will pass a beautiful path full of colorfull lamp. You can also to get your food by sitting inside the building or by sitting on the mat outside the building. The administrator of this place provides also already some benches in the yard of this angkringan so you will be more comfortable. This angkringan start to open at 17.00 – 23.00. Once you were here, you can also use free Wi-Fi facility.

Religious tourism destination
Other than becoming nature and culinary tourism destination, Taman Jati Larangan could become also religious tourism destination because it is located near the graveyard of Mbah Wiroyudo. Based on the official site of Bantul regency government, Mbah Wiroyudho was the companion of Diponegoro Prince and the chief of the royal troops of Keraton Yogyakarta Hadiningrat.


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