Seruni beach is located in Tepus Subdistrict, Gunung Kidul. This beach is the second tourism object developed by the local people of Tepus after Pok Tunggal beach. Just like its name which means gold, Seruni beach is one of the places where the local people of Tepus got some income.

Seruni beach has its main attractions which are the stretch of the white sand and the water fall located near the sea coastal. However, to be able to see this waterfall panorama, the visitors are suggested to come in rainy season because of its water debit.
The environment condition of Seruni beach is clean and quiet enough because there are not yet many visitors who know about this beach. Even so, the facilities like toilet and bathroom, food court area, and parking area are provided already.

At high tide, the waves of Seruni beach are quite big and it could reach partially the sands area of this beach. The visitors are not allowed to swim in the beach because it’s dangerous. The visitors who come to this place usually like to play in the seashore line while enjoying the beauty of Seruni beach and while taking some pictures

Because of its location that’s really so closed to Pok Tunggal beach, this beach has the same route access with Pok Tunggal beach. From the city center of Yogyakarta, Seruni beach is located about 70 km away or we can take about 2 hours by motor vehicle. About half kilometers before reaching this beach, we will find the rocky dirt route in the right side of Pok Tunggal beach or in the left side of Seruni beach. From here we could see already the ocean views.


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