The name of this museum that sounds uniqe is actually the short of Javanese phrase of “Ulating Blencong Sejatine Tataraning Lumaku”. This phrase means the light of the lampu blencong (the lamp used during wayang kulit spectacle) which represents the human guidance in the journey of life.

Ullen Sentalu Museum conserve many collections of the era of Mataram Kingdom which was separated into 4 keraton in Solo and Yogyakarta which are like Kasunanan Surakarta, Kesultanan Yogyakarta, Praja Mangkunegaran, and Kadipaten Pakualaman.

The visitors can see many collections of the paint and the picture of the noble of that era. There are also the collection of Batik Solo and Yogyakarta that’s really meaningfull, the collection of ancient gamelan, Hidust and Budha statue and also other heritage collection.
This museum was initiated by Haryono family, the batik maker family in Yogyakarta that is still in the noble bloodline. They like to collect the Javanese culture heritage because they really love the history of Indonesia especially, Java history.

Now, other than getting the donation from Haryono family, the collection of Ullen Sentalu Museum also comes from the donation of Ulating Blencong Foundation (the museum administrator) and the family elders of Mataram Kingdom

One of the most interesting chambers in Ullen Sentalu Museum is Poem Chamber for Tineke. Tineke is the Dutch Name of the daughter of Sunan Surakarta Pakubuwono XI. Being really broken hearted because of the man she loved where he was considered by her parents that he was not at the same level, Princesse Tineke got many love letters and poem from her siblings and friends to make her happy. You can see those letters in this room.

How’s the ending of Tineke love story? Find the answer when you come to this museum

Entering this museum, you will discover many pillars building made from natural stone which make this museum look like a tropical house. After passing some rooms of the museum, you will find white building that’s look like European castle.

The architecture design concept of Ullen Sentalu Museum was inspired by Yoshio Taniguchi’s statement, the Japanese Architect who renovated The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). He said that architecture is the higest art that doesn’t come up as separating design, but it affiliates with museum collections conserved inside in a habitation.
Is it difficult to find the collection of Ullen Sentalu Museum in internet or social media? Yes it is because there is a rule where the visitors are not allowed to take any pictures or videos in almost all museum area.

But you shouldn’t worry about that, there are some special spots provided where you can take pictures. One of those spot is the area of relief replica of Borobudur temple that has been stlantingly set up to represent the degradation of the youth attraction in Javanese art and culture.

Located 25 km to the north from the city center of Yogyakata, You can visit this museum by your own vehicle or by public transportation. It is precisely located in Boyong Street KM 25, Kaliurang Barat, Sleman, Yogyakarta.

This museum is daily open except on Monday. It should be noted that the last visitation or the last ticket buying transaction is 30 minutes before this museum will be closed.

The entrance fee ticket
Domestic tourist : IDR 40.000,- (Adult), IDR 20.000,- (5-12 years old)
Foreign tourist : IDR 100.000,- (adult), IDR 60.000 (5-12 years old)
Operational hours
Monday : Closed
Tuesday – Friday : 08.00 – 16.00
Saturday – Sunday : 08.30 – 17.00
Further Information
Website :
IG: @ullensentalu


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