The tourist activities while traveling in Jogja not only spend with visiting beautiful places and shopping at Malioboro.

In Jogja, we can spend time for cycling to places with amazing views and challenging trails.

The types of bicycles that can be used also various according to the type of route being passed and the level of difficulty.

Starting from folding bikes (seli), casual bikes, onthel bikes, road bikes, XC (cross country), trail, enduro to downhill bikes.
Here are some choices of cycling tour in Jogja that can be passed.

Puncak Gebang

Puncak Gebang is located in Bawuran, Pleret, Bantul, which is the southern part of Jogja. To get there from the city center, you just need to go straight to Imogiri Timur street through the south ringroad towards Pleret market.

From Pleret Market, continue to the south, there will several sign of directions to the Puncak Gebang.The route to the Puncak Gebang from Yogyakarta City tends to be flat and then the road is slightly uphill after the entrance of the gate.

This place is one of the favorite spots for cycling because it offers a beautiful view of the rice fields from the top of the hill.

The incline sensation that is not too long and the angle of inclination that is not too extreme is enough to make cyclists addicted. This path can be passed by all types of bicycles.

Puncak Sosok

If you are in the good condition of the body, from the top of the Gebang continue to climb up an uphill road. Still on the same path, there is the Puncak Sosok spot which is above the Gebang Peak.

At Puncak Sosok, the view will be even more stunning due to the higher location. Here, cyclists used to rest while chatting with fellow cyclists while enjoying snacks and hot tea provided by the stalls there.

Parangtritis Beach
Going to Parangtritis Beach by motorcycle is too mainstream.

Try to enjoy the beautiful waves of Parangtritis Beach by riding a bicycle.

The straight road will certainly be a sensation for cyclists, especially road bike (RB) fans.

However, XC or seli bicycle also could used to “ride” together to Parangtritis Beach.

The most familiar bicycle route in Jogja is Kaliurang. But prepare your physical fit and extra energy because this route is dominated by inclines. But the fresh air and the rice field route it is worth it after getting tired of pedaling.

Usually, cyclists who choose the Kaliurang route will stop by at Warung Ijo which has become a favorite palace for take a break.

One more favorite cycling destination in Yogyakarta besides Kaliurang. The place is Klangon, located at the slope of the Merapi Mount, to be precise it’s located in Cangkringan, Sleman District which is not too far from Kaliurang.

Just like Kaliurang, this route is dominated by inclines that are quite draining. Upon arrival at Klangon, the view of the top of Merapi Mount is ready to welcome you if the weather is clear.

At this location there is also a trail bike path for those who want to challenge their adrenaline using trail, enduro or downhill bikes.

Sermo Reservoir
If you want a cycling route that tests your endurance, try cycling from Yogyakarta City to Sermo Reservoir in Kulon Progo with a total distance of 34 kilometers.

The variation of the roads are straight, uphill, down and bends will be an exciting sensation.

Arriving at the Sermo Reservoir, a beautiful view will be presented and several instagramable photo spots. Apart from the five bicycle lanes above, there are still many bicycle lanes in Yogyakarta that can still be passed.

Some tips for you : choose a holiday or Saturday and Sunday in the morning around 06.00 to start cycling. In addition to the fresh air and not many motorized vehicles passing by, in the morning you will often come across many cyclists from various communities who ‘ride’ together.



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