Dr. Yap Eye Hospital Museum is located in the Dr. Yap Eye Hospital complex on Cik Ditiro street 5 Yogyakarta, and under the auspices of the Dr. Yap. The establishment of the museum on the initiative of the director of the Dr Yap Eye hospital is dr. Tri Sutartin Radjiman, supported by Magdalena Indrawati, Ki Nayono, Ir. Anna Ismudianto, and Ira Masri Singarimbun. They were the forerunners of the idea to establish the Dr Yap Eye Hospital museum. Initially, this museum was founded because of the many medical devices that were used by Dr. Yap Hong Tjoen, is abandoned and only stored in warehouses.

Because of this, the director of the Eye hospital at that time had the initiative to establish a museum to trace Dr Yap Hong Tjoen’s journey and provide insight into the knowledge of the public in general and the world of eye medicine in particular.

Dr. Yap Eye Hospital Museum provides an alternative science tourism, especially in the field of medicine and eye health, and has a big role in the development of eye medicine. Because the collections in the museum show the long history of Dr. Yap Hong Tjoen has been active in Indonesia, especially in dealing with people’s eye health since the Dutch colonial era, around 1923.

The museum is divided into 4 separate rooms, there are the medical equipment room containing the practical equipment used by Dr. Yap Hong Tjoen and Dr. Yap Kie Tong, the second is the family room, the third is the room for household appliances containing a radio, table and chairs, sewing machine, lamp, bed, and old wall clocks which are still well maintained until now, and the last is the library.

This museum is open every Monday-Saturday from 08.00-14.00 and is free of charge to visit the museum, visitors are only required to fill out visitor books and are welcome to enjoy all collections in the museum and library rooms.


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