Jogja Bay is a waterpark that was inaugurated at the end of 2015, Jogja Bay is the largest waterpark in Indonesia with an area of about 7.7 hectares. Not only that, Jogja Bay is also the most sophisticated and modern waterpark in Indonesia with a variety of exciting rides that we can try.

There are about 19 game rides with How to survive in tsunami and Eartquake which are the most popular rides, because besides playing we can also learn how to deal with tsunamis, where in this game we will be faced with 8 big waves like a tsunami.

Jogja Bay is located not far from Maguwoharjo Stadium, a strategic location that makes this tourist spot always crowded with visitors, not only offering exciting rides, Jogja Bay also provides a theater called Harbor Theater which has high audio quality.

Location: Maguwoharjo Village, Depok District, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta


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